About RSMA

Rising Son Martial Arts was started as a ministry to help people build their personal self defense style powered by the strength of the Holy Spirit inside us. The first Rising Son Martial Arts school was opened in 2008, with the goal to offer Master quality martial arts instruction at affordable rates in a Christian environment.  All classes are personally instructed by Master Randy Points and class sizes are only 25-30 students.  Once classes are filled, Registration will be closed and a waiting list will be created on a first come, first served basis. Classes are held twice a week on Monday Evenings and Saturday Afternoons. Rising Son Martial Artists learn and practice the American Martial Arts style of KOMBIDO, and are a part of the American Kombido Association.

KOMBIDO was founded in 2005 by Master Randy Points.  Kombido is literally the “Way of Combination”.  This style of self defense emphasizes the combination of soft and hard styles of martial arts, long and short range techniques, grappling and striking arts, awareness and reaction skills, and physical, mental, and spiritual strengths. Our students learn the skills required to defend themselves both defensively and offensively. They also learn the skills of de-escalating and diffusing physical attacks as well as defending and retaliating when there is no other option. Some martial arts are practiced as sport, some as a form of self defense, some as physical fitness, and some as an expression of art. Kombido is once again a combination of these aspects. The primary focus of Kombido is preparring a student to defend themselves effefctively in case of a physical confrontation. The students also learn the skills needed to strengthen the body.  Although it is not our focus, students of Kombido have competed and succeeded in martial arts tournaments as well.  The practice of physical elements in Kombido certainly improves the strength, balance, agility, speed, and flexibility of students. Finally, students are also taught to create individual self defense techniques that suit their body style and disposition.  This creation of self defense techniques is a central part of their growth as a martial artist.  Master Randy founded the style Kombido as an extension of the work that he and E.C. McGilvray III did in the ten years prior to Mr. McGilvray’s death.

Master Randy Points has over 40 years of experience in martial arts. Prior to becoming a martial artist, he was a gymnastics competitor and coach.  In 1984, he began training in the American Martial Arts Style of Aam Ka Jutsu.  The American Colleges of Karate in Council Bluffs, Iowa became his first training dojo.  In 1987,  Randy Points earned his black belt in Aam Ka Jutsu.  In 1992, he became the lead instructor of the American Colleges of Karate.  In 1996 he earned his Master ranking and 5th degree black belt from the International Martial Arts Association.  Master Randy became the last student of his long time mentor and friend, E. C. McGilvray III.   Mr. McGilvray was the founder of Aam Ka Jutsu and Author of The Secret Worlds of Self Defense.   Mr. McGilvray and his schools became the subject of an article in Black Belt magazine in 1980 titled, The Only Game in Town.  In 2003,  Master Randy was awarded 6th Degree Black Belt by E. C. McGilvray III.  Master Randy was later asked to be a part of the United States Martial Arts Team to compete in the World Games in Athens, Greece in 2004.  Master Randy was able to take two of his students to compete in the games. The trio won several medals and were featured in articles in the Nonpariel newspaper.  Later in 2004, Randy was inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame.  In 2009, Master Randy was recognized as Founder by the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame and in 2011 he was recognized as Master Instructor by the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

The American Kombido Association was started in 2005 to act as governing body of ranking consideration for students of Kombido around the country. The Association President is founder of Kombido, Master Randy Points and each of the board members are martial arts masters of Kombido. Currently each of the members of the board are recognized by Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Master instructors Rick Points, Doug Hodge, and Shawn Knudsen are all members of the board.  All students of Kombido must be members in good standing of the AKA in order for their rank to be sanctioned. The association and the board conducts reviews of rankings each year. AKA belt rankings are honored around the country and all AKA students are able to train in any and all AKA affiliated schools.

Thank you for your interest in Rising Son Martial Arts. We love our students and we have been praying for them even before they ever signed up with our school. If you would like more information or have any questions, use our Contact Us page and we’ll get back to you soon.  We look forward to hearing from you!